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The only Constant in life is Cambio.

100% Blue Weber agave

Cambio, meaning change, is what drives us—the relentless pursuit to improve, build and evolve. Our tequila is the culmination of this dedication and a rejection of “good enough” and “that’s just the way it’s always been done.” Founded by classically trained Chef and Sommelier John des Rosiers, Cambio is a distillation of classic tequila tradition filtered through the culinary science and restless craftsmanship of a 30-year veteran of the world’s finest kitchens and bars.

We deeply respect tequila’s traditions while finding opportunities for improvement that honor the older heritage of slow, hand-made craftsmanship. More than any other tequila, we relentlessly pursue the possibilities of what barrel finishing can bring to our spirit’s flavor and character. There is always a better way, regardless of the extra work, cost, or time, and we constantly strive for perfection for our tequila because that’s what you deserve.

Cambio Tequila
Cambio tequila

Tradition Remastered

Our Process
Cambio Tequila Blanco

tequila blanco

100% Barrel 
fermented and aged.
no additives
Made with 100% 
Blue Weber Agave.
no additives any kind
No additives of
any kind. Ever.

We approached our Tequila Blanco with a higher set of standards, going beyond traditional expectations every step of the way. No other tequila benefits from this singular attention to detail, and you’ll savor the results with every sip.

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Cambio Tequila Blanco