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Cambio Blanco makes Vinepair’s 50 Best List

Cambio Blanco gets 95 on Vinepair

Here at Cambio, we take the time to do things the right way and we are happy to announce that this hard work is paying off. Most recently, we were honored that Vinepair ranked our additive free Cambio Blanco Tequila amongst the top 50 new spirits of 2023. We are proud beyond words and amongst some truly great company in the spirits world.


Here's what they had to say about our flagship spirit: "Prejudging spirits based on numerical values is reductive and often misleading. That said, any tequila bottled above the U.S. market standard of 40 percent ABV should pique your interest. This 92 proof blanco serves confirmation, along with some of the purest expressions of wild flowers, tropical fruits, and savory spices in the category. One more figure to note: 45 — the number of days this blanco spent in barrel, which is technically allowed but seldom practiced."

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