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The Roots of Change

From our unprecedented distilling process to the French oak wine finishing barrels, we pay meticulous attention to every detail of our tequilas. So it goes without saying that we want to start with the best possible source for our Blue Weber Agave. The Ruvalverde Company is run by the Ruvalcaba de Arandas family, and for over 3 decades, they’ve been deeply rooted in the culture of the Altos de Jalisco region, working to provide the highest quality agave possible.

To make this happen, they created a division called Ruvalferti, gathering a team of experts in agave cultivation who help grow and curate the most exceptional plants in the region. Unlike many other operations, all of their jimadores work for Ruvalferti as full time employees with benefits and salaries, fair pay and consistent schedules. This ensures we have the highest quality workers as their craft is crucial to agave harvesting. It also means we have a team ready to harvest at any time and we do not have to wait for crews from 3rd parties.  

Cultivating Strong Partnerships

Cambio Founder John Des Rosiers explains, “We don’t just source agave from anywhere. Both the farm and company need to share our standards and long-term goals. RUV does this, and we’ve formed a lasting relationship with them. They are the only people that share our dreams and goals for agave in the future.”

The Ruvalverde Company established Ruvalferti in 2015 with one specific goal: to provide premium agave to expand the tequila’s influence worldwide. Ruvalferti works on hundreds of hectares dedicated to cultivating and guaranteeing the highest standards in quality for their agaves, ensuring the optimal levels of sugar, weight and ripeness for Cambio.

A Better Way to Farm

We choose each precise location to harvest from over 3000 acres of high-quality farms all owned and farmed organically by Ruvalferti. The jimadores start at 4 am and harvest until late morning and then stop. This protects the jimadores from the intense heat while also preventing the agave from drying out in the sun. It also ensures that we have agave at the distillery and into ovens by mid-day—the same day of harvest. 

cambio tequila blog The Roots of Change

But at its heart, Ruvalferti’s mission is to share their passion with the world and provide exceptional experiences for tequila lovers. Their level of commitment and attention to detail makes them a natural partner for Cambio, and we’re proud to work alongside a company that shares our values and deep appreciation for tequila. In order to bring true change, you have to find like-minded partners willing to work above and beyond what’s expected. Fortunately for the world of tequila, Ruvalferti consistently exceeds all expectations.

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