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Chef John Des Rosiers Talks Innovation and Tradition on The Tequila Lady Podcast

In a recent episode of The Tequila Lady Podcast, Chef John Des Rosiers, the mind behind Cambio Tequila, shared insights into the creation and philosophy of his brand. Episode 126 featured our founder John discussing the unique “Método Refinado,” a method that not only preserves the traditional essence of tequila-making but enhances it with meticulous, innovative steps.

John explained how Cambio Tequila adds layers to the conventional distillation process, ensuring no step is overlooked and, in some cases, introducing additional ones to elevate the final product. This approach reflects his deep respect for tradition coupled with a passion for innovation, which has set Cambio apart in the tequila market.

Chef John Des Rosiers at The Tequila Lady Podcast
Listeners of The Tequila Lady Podcast were treated to an in-depth look at the challenges and triumphs of developing a tequila brand that dares to change the game while honoring its roots. John’s dedication to quality and his background as a restaurateur bring a unique perspective to the tequila industry, making Cambio a standout name among connoisseurs.
This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the subtleties of tequila production and the story of a brand that strives to redefine excellence in the spirit world.

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