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Cambio Reposado: A Top Choice for Additive-Free Tequila Enthusiasts

We are excited to share that Cambio Reposado has been named one of the 7 Best Additive-Free Tequila Releases of 2023 by Bottle Raiders.

Here is what they said: ‘We had a chance to taste the lineup early and found a lot to like. The brand’s commitment to intricate barrel aging was on full display in its Reposado, rested in a combination of White Burgundy, White Bordeaux and French Oak Chardonnay casks.’

Cambio Reposado: A Top Choice for Additive-Free Tequila
Being recognized by Bottle Raiders highlights our adherence to the "Método Refinado" process, which ensures that each step of production enhances the natural qualities of our tequila.
We encourage connoisseurs and enthusiasts to experience the distinctive taste of Cambio Reposado and appreciate its recognition as one of the top additive-free tequilas of the year.

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