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Cambio Blanco Earns a 95 from Vinepair

VinePair is the largest digital media company reporting exclusively on drinks culture and trends in spirits, beer and wine. They’ve become one of the most trusted sources in spirits news, which is why it was such an honor when they awarded our Blanco a score of 95. Clearly, they’re fans of change.

Cambio Blanco gets 95 on Vinepair

Here’s what they had to say about the release: "Capturing the pure essence of wildflowers, tropical fruits, and savory spices, Cambio's Blanco is a fantastic tequila that pours an unexpected pale gold hue — the result of a brief aging period in French oak barrels. It also packs a bigger flavor punch than many other bottles on the market thanks to its higher-than-average 46 percent ABV.” Their motto is “Drinking is Culture”—which is something we can appreciate even as we work to bring higher standards to the world of tequila.

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